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Just A Sampling of
Aeroacoustic Projects For Which
AEC Has Been Privileged
To Provide Assistance:

1000-ekW Load bank Enclosure, 65-dBA at 1-meter Acoustically Vented Scrap-Blower Enclosure With Impact Isolated I/O Ducts Acoustically Upgraded Factory Weather Housing
Large Scale Acoustic Airfoils For High Mass Flows Stealthy Power Pavilion Reduces Internal Noise By over 60-dB

Offshore Oil Platform Heat Exchanger Aeroacoustic Enclosure
Rooftop Ventilation Blower Silencers, 50-dBA at 1-meter Aeroacoustic Engineering Services for Class-100 Clean Rooms Mobile Silencing Systems For Railroad Maintenance Equipment
Modular Acoustic Enclosure, Live Load Bearing Roof In Foreground Large Scale Aeroacoustic Modular Silencer Banks Shredder Enclosure Reduces Operator Exposure to below 85-dBA
Gas-Well Compressor Enclosure In High Desert, 65-dBC at 75-feet Pulpit Enclosure Accommodates Penetrations Without Acoustic Degradation VIP Venue Trailers Have Integral Silenced Engine Generators
Seismic / Vibration Simulation, Measurement And Diagnostic Engineering Services EMI/EMP Hardened Acoustic Enclosure Complete With Solar Shielding 2500-ekW Load Bank Enclosure Reduces Massive Air Flow to below 60-dBA at 7-meters
Removed Louver Shows Inlet Airfoils In 1500-ekW Acoustic Enclosure C/W Internal Loadbank and 2500-Amp MCB on 10000-Gallon Tank Complete Aeroacoustic Engineering And Hardware Upgrade For WTP Utility Building In “Critical Use” Rated Area Natural Gas Compressor Station Aeroacoustic Engineering Diagnostics And Remediation Hardware Design

NY Kennedy Airport Vibration Simulation, Measurements and Diagnostics For Concord SST Rated Construction Impact/Structural Analysis For Automated Baggage Handling Systems EnGen In Subterranean Vault Reduces Noise to Less Than 45-dBA at 1-meter
Infrasound (Ultra Low Frequency) Explosion/Burst: Analysis, Simulation, Design, Test And Performance Prediction Fuel Transfer Pump, Aerodynamic Acoustic Enclosure Reduces Noise Without Need For Electrically Powered Blowers Large Scale CFD of Facility Flue Air / Gas Flow Analysis
Aeroacoustic Designed Systems Remediation Marine Power Barge

Aeroacoustic Silencers Designed to Accomodate ALL Flow and Attenuation Requirements Dropover T-Mutes Reduce Pump Noise Over 10-dBA Without Forced Ventilation
Three (3) Large EnGens's Aeroacoustically Integrated Into a Single Railroad Car: Less Than 50-dBA @ 7-meters Precision Aeroacoustic Engineering Generate Quiet, Laminar Flow In Aerodynamic Wind Tunnels EnGen Roms Aeroacoustically Integrated Within Architectural Buildings
Stealthy 440-Ton Cooling Tower: 104-dBA Reduced to 49-dBA at 5-Feet 400-Ton Chiller Modular Aeroacoustic Enclosure Installed in 5-Hours: Reduced Noise More Than 40-dBA at 1-meter Large Scale Noise Projects May Be Phased To Match Community Environmental Needs
Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Analysis Aerodynamic Inflow Microphone and Sting Extender Exhaust Stack Resonator Addition

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