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Mission Statement



Our Mission Statement



No one goes to such great lengths for the sake of a little peace and quiet.  At Aeroacoustic Engineering Consultants, LLC. (AEC) we believe one of the most valuable contributions we can create in this world is a little peace and quiet.  And the most valuable contribution we can offer to our customers is peace of mind.

We accomplish this by taking what our engineers call The Total Noise Control Approach. 

Indeed, if you were to ask our engineers to define "noise control" you would hear a lengthy discussion on aerodynamics, sanitation requirements, thermodynamics, system logistics and a host of other unique physical constraints. 

This Total Approach goes beyond merely abating noise.  It enters into a commitment that says every aspect of customer service must be considered as well.  Which is why you will find only AEC capable of: = Acoustic, Aerodynamic & Vibration Testing, =Diagnostics, =System Consultation, =Aerodynamic CFD Analysis, =System Design, =System Computer Modeling, =Fabrication,Installation and =System Certification. 

This is the kind of service and expertise that no one else in the industry can provide. 

But more than that:  Only AEC was selected to design and build hybrid, reactive silencers for the life support system onboard the NASA Space Shuttle.  We designed and built attenuators on the solid fuel processors for the booster rockets as well.  Also, our expertise was utilized in the development of deep-dive technology for naval vessels and oceanographic exploration. 

Coming back to terra firma, our forte for noise control finds itself most useful in these acoustic applications:  =Industrial, =Clean Room, =Architectural, =Environmental, =GMP Processing Lines and =Fan / Blower / HVAC Systems (all air/gas movers). 

We could go on, but there is a better way to find out more about AEC.  Just give us a call and let a qualified AEC engineer assist you to establish an effective solution.  Let our 40+ years of experience with noise and aerodynamics make your job easier. 

Telephone: (763) 355-2030          or          Facsimile:  (763) 544-1149 

Tell us about your noisy problems.  Hear for yourself how far we will go to give you that most valuable of acoustic products: 


A little peace and quiet!



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Last modified: March 03, 2011