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AEC  engineers utilize current, state-of-art analyzers (ANSI/ISO calibration standards) for problem analysis, diagnostics and solution (compliance) certification of environmental, industrial, architectural and blower / fan / HVAC system noise as well as vibration and aerodynamics.  Over 30-years of experience means getting it right the first time with a minimum of expense, time and procedural interference!  AEC has established a solid reputation in Aeroacoustics and is one of the very few civilian engineering teams in the world practicing outside the strictures of military security.

    A dedicated computer system supports fast Fourier transforms (FFT) / time correlation for acoustic and vibration measurement and analysis.  Forced vibration system provides empirical data on intrinsic impact/vibration isolation capabilities of any building or structure.  Laboratory aerodynamic tests are accomplished in a computer controlled, open circuit, low-Mach wind tunnel for turbulent or laminar flows.  Our commitment to system analysis extends to the maintenance of a portable, Aerodynamic Diagnostics Laboratory.  The Aero Lab is an essential element in product and system testing for compatibility with the clients' environmental requirements, CFD computer model calibration/verification and long term system  stability and reliability.



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