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Acoustic Enclosures




Engineered Solutions For Noise

Fabricate custom walls, barriers and enclosures from pre-fabricated panel modules. Modular construction makes the project quick, economical and effective.


•Light weight, high performance panel modules are ideally suited for use in walls, barriers and enclosures. •Direct interchangeability of each module permits rapid assembly into rugged structures.  •Generic flexibility allows user to swiftly and easily alter or expand the configuration to meet changing needs. •Two men using ordinary hand tools can assemble a complete system in a matter of hours.  •Variety of options will adapt the basic structure to meet environmental requirements and material logistics.






1) Base angle - when secured to floor,
provides attachment and positive acoustical seal for panel buttons.
2) Corner module - seamless corners minimize noise leaks and adds structural rigidity to the system.
3) Wall panel - standard panel module being utilized as wall section.
4) Ceiling panel - standard panel module forming a ceiling section.
5) Door module - interchangeable with standard panel module but includes a complete preinstalled acoustical door and seals.
6) Window module - directly inter-changeable with standard panel module but contains a factory installed and acoustically-sealed window assembly.
7) Panel connector - provides an acoustically-sealed structural joint between panels and decorative appearance.
8) Panel cap - covers panel lip and provides structural alignment of panel tops.
9) Ceiling trim - provides an additional acoustical seal and decorative facade.



  • Simple, rapid assembly with ordinary hand tools. • Each panel is independently accessible without disturbing the adjoining sections.  • Total inter- changeability of panel module permits alterations to enclosure layout without degrading acoustical performance.  • Fully demountable.  • Durable, light interior finish.  •  Full exterior priming.  •  All assembly hardware supplied - nothing else to buy.  • Single glazed, acoustically-sealed windows.  •  May be skid-mounted for portability.


  • Complete factory assembly  • Forced ventilation and/or air conditioning  •  Lighting  •  Electrical wiring and/or plumbing  • Weather proofing  • Acoustical floor  • Vibration isolation (available with floor option)  • Custom finishes  • Double leaf doors • Acoustical labyrinths and ports  • Special designs for custom applications •  Disposable air filters




Floor and ceiling attachments provide excellent acoustical sealing and structural rigidity. The floor mounting-angle may be located inside or outside the enclosure. All attachment connectors provide a smooth and clear appearance to both the interior and exterior of the structure.

A reinforced, seamless corner assures acoustical integrity while adding to the overall rigidity of the structure. Our unique approach to the interconnection of each module permits individual access to all elements for replacement or structural modification.

The window module may be specified in lieu of a standard panel. Each window module is available in either single or double glazing, consistent with the performance criteria for the enclosure. Although the window assembly is factory sealed, each pane is removable for cleaning or replacement.

The door module is totally interchangeable with standard panel modules. Each door module is furnished complete with the acoustical jambs, seals and safety latches. The entire assembly is as easily installed as a panel module.




Panel modules are 4" thick and are framed with 14 gauge, galvannealed steel channel.  One side is 14 gauge, acoustically treated, solid plate; the other is a perforated 22 gauge sheet.  An inert, sound-absorbing material is compressed between the solid plate and perforated steel.  The solid exterior is fully primed while the perforated exterior is finished with a durable, epoxy, ivory paint.  If desired, the solid exterior may be supplied with a beige, epoxy finish.

When the panels are to be utilized in dust-free areas or exposed to atmospheric vapor such as oil or fluidic particles, or to high humidity, it may be desirable to enclose the sound-absorbing material in a thin-wall, “moisture proof” barrier.  Other panel finishes or materials are available for corrosive environments.


When required, forced ventilation and/or air conditioning are sized for enclosure volume and utilization.  Please contact your local representative or the factory for application engineering assistance.


PERSONNEL ENCLOSURES - prefabricated or custom panels may be applied to establish “quiet areas” within harsh, acoustical environments.

CUSTOM / OEM ENCLOSURES - these systems reflect an optimum design to balance cost and performance for volume production.


TEST CHAMBERS - high performance acoustical doors, windows and panels are ideally suited to both new construction or upgrading of existing test facilities.


AERODYNAMIC / THERMODYNAMIC ACOUSTICS - the reduction of airborne noise, while maintaining the desired airflow and heat transfer may be achieved with acoustically treated air foils and turning vanes.

PROCESS MACHINE ENCLOSURES - Aeroacoustic Engineering Consultants (AEC) designs process noise abatement systems with product logistics and accessability in mind.




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