Chiller Application Note
Cooling Tower Application Note



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Chillers and Cooling Towers





Dual Chillers Before Aeroacoustic Remediation, Complete With Recirculation Problems.


Dual Chillers After Installation Of Aeroacoustic Enclosure Flowing Approximately 300,000-SCFM


Measured Noise Reduction Of Over 31-dBA @ 1-Meter Distance And No Air Recirculation.


Aeroacoustic Engineering Consultants (AEC) Has Been Providing Acoustic And Aerodynamic (Aeroacoustic) Products, Systems And Services Since 1972.  The AEC Chiller/Cooling-Tower NOISE Abatement Systems Require No Supplemental Air Movers, They Are 100% Passive!  In Most Installations Chiller/Cooling-Tower Performance Is Enhanced Due To Improved Air Flow Quality And Reduced Solar Heat Gain.  Chillers/Cooling-Towers May Now Be Located Where Desired And Not Relegated To Remote Locations To Minimize NOISE!  Sound Attenuation May Be Tailored To Individual Site Requirements No Wasted Money!



Sound Attenuation Systems For Chillers & Cooling Towers
With A Demonstrated Noise Reduction Of Over 60 dBA


Typical Aeroacoustic Treatment For
Cooling Towers


Cooling Tower Before. (Haze Near Inlet Indicates Recirculation)


Cooling Tower After.



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