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FLATPAC Sound Attenuation
Takes the
NOISE Out of
Power Packages

FLATPAC Silencer Kit a Cost Effective Alternative For
Silencing Engine-Generators.



Simple Aeroacoustic Engineering system modifies thefactory installed weather housing to an acoustic enclosure package easily and inexpensively. Treats inlet air and radiator discharge air. Dealer can install the package in minutes - for remediation projects as well as new installations. Complete enclosures may be assembled onsite. Modules trap noise internally while providing free air movement around and through the enclosed equipment. Family of interchangeable modules will accommodate a wide range of aerodynamic and acoustic criteria. Package works on free standing, architectural buildings and trailer systems. FLATPAC silencers may be specified with Alphaloc radiator silencers for aerodynamic balance
and enhanced acoustical performance.


FLATPAC Sound Attenuator Packages are:

Before AEC Solution

bullet Custom made, aerodynamically tested for every application.
bullet Wind tunnel tested for aerodynamic matchup to EnGen set.
bullet Empirically tested in reverberation chamber for acoustics.
bullet Radiator discharge tested under turbulent flow conditions.
bullet Acoustically/Aerodynamically tested to ASTM
and new ISO Standards in our acoustically
controlled environment

Diesel, Gas, Turbine, Steam
35KW to 600MW Engineered
Aeroacoustics has silenced them all.

After FLATPAC System Installed

Aeroacoustic Engineering Consultants, LLC (AEC) has been eliminating industrial noise problems for over 30 years. Let a qualified AEC engineer assist you to establish an effective design.Let our 30 years of experience with NOISE make your job easier


Simple Aeroacoustic Engineering system modifies the factory installed weather housing to an acoustic enclosure package easily and inexpensively.


Actual Test of
50KW EnGen Set With
Silencers On and Off
at One (1) Meter*

*Performance of 8" deep low-pressure drop Flatpac - higher noise
reduction available with deeper silencers rated for standard pressure drop



50KW Test Procedure
Per ISO 3745/3746



Large radiator silencer bank, with flow diverters,
exhausts into parking lot

Acoustic, remote radiator enclosure, constructed
from 316 stainless steel FLATPAC silencers
for offshore duty in Norwegian sea.



Download the PDF Datasheet Below by Clicking on Link


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Last modified: March 03, 2011