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Machine Enclosures





This evolution of design provides a virtual 360 degree accessability. A unique concept provides effective noise control while satisfying the requirements of production, maintenance and engineering. Innovative structural framing permits a tight fit to eliminate wasted floor space. A complete perimeter seal system is provided to lock-in noise. Internally, noise absorbing materials will dissipate the acoustical energy. The absorbent material is completely encapsulated to prevent degradation from oil contamination. Door mounted sweep seals permit a completely flush sill to facilitate forklift access to parts, scrap or tooling. Integral ventilation is a standard feature for complete, peripheral cooling.

In addition to providing substantial noise reduction, the unit will generally satisfy all OSHA criteria for machine safety guards, when equipped with door interlocks. Also, users have found additional value in the containment of oil mist and the enhanced performance of Acoustical Die Monitors. The entire structure is complete with self-aligning sections for quick and easy installation using ordinary hand tools. This acoustical system may be quickly modified to reflect changing production requirements or tooling set-ups. A variety of options are available to adapt the basic system to the users' explicit requirements.




  1. All doors right hand reverse active unless otherwise specified (optional).
  2. All sides 7 ft. or less incorporate single leaf right hand reverse door.
  3. 6 and 7 ft. sides provide a clear opening of 4 ft.
  4. 5 ft. side provides a clear opening of 3 ft.

For other sizes or custom designs contact
factory or local representative.

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