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Mined Ore Application Note



Mined Ore Processing Facility

Rod and Ball Mill Noise Abatement


Single, reactive acoustic enclosure is shown installed on ball mill drive motor.  Lightweight, unitized construction was part of design criteria to accommodate load limits on operatorís platform.  Enclosure internal acoustic resonance reduced dominant magnetostrictive noise emission from electric motor.  Total noise radiation from ball mill was well below mandated action level for shift length.


Single point pick harness (top of enclosure) allows quick access to mill drive motor.  Low profile construction permits snug fit and minimal protrusion in operator work path.  Integrated change in internal aerodynamics lowered average motor frame temperature.  Also, redirected airflow reduced contamination of motor brushes and extended time between brush replacement and maintenance.  After all rod and ball mill motors were enclosed, noise levels in the concentrator area were reduced below requisite safety limits.  Production and maintenance was neither impeded nor compromised.


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