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Motor Mute



Intake Motor Mute (IMM)

Specifically designed to quiet circulating air noises created by fan cooled motors.  Many TEFC motors produce noise levels of 95 dBA or more.  A proven performer in hundreds of installations, the IMM can reduce this noise well below acceptable levels.


A Quick Solution To
Motor Noise




Compact Size




Smooth Airflow


Simplified Design



Does not protrude into isles and walkways.


Can be installed in minimal time.


Improves motor cooling.


Fits many motors and provides high attenuation per dollar.

Contact AEC For Additional Noise Attenuation Design Configurations

Important Note:  Check Air Intake Opening
Size and Centerline of Motor to Floor.

Sizing Information

Air Intake Opening (B) Size Required
2" to 6" OD IMM - 12
6" to 9" OD IMM - 18
9" to 12" OD IMM - 24
12" to 15" OD IMM - 30
15" to 18" OD IMM - 36
Dimensions In Inches
IMM A B Weight (Lbs.)
12 7 6 18
18 10 9 32
24 14 12 52
30 18 15 77
36 24 18 105
Typical Noise Reduction:
Frequency (Hz) 63 125 250 500 1K 2K 4K 8K
Attenuation (dB) 4 5 8 10 13 14 15 13

Huge Database Provides Custom Aeroacoustic Designs For Any Application At "In Stock" Availability And Convenience


IMM-36 Motor Mute Silencer Undergoing Free field Acoustic Testing On A 150 HP Electric Motor. When A Modest Acoustic Criteria Is Specified, The IMM Motor Mute Is An Economical And Convenient Tool For Silencing The Inlet Air. 
Motor Drives Must Be Considered When Designating System Acoustic Performance.


When Superior Aeroacoustic Performance Is Required, The Type TMM Motor Mute Can Meet The Challenge.  Typical Noise Reduction On A 150 HP Electric Motor Is From 98 dBA Sound Power To 66 dBA Sound Power.


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