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Onsite Education & Training Services





AEC offers a series of structured instruction or lecturers detailing the intrinsic science of acoustics and aerodynamics (aeroacoustics), individually and/or as integrated systems.  The technical subject material is applicable to industrial manufacturing, HVAC equipment, electric & mechanical power generation (EPG/MPG), food & pharmaceutical processing, telecommunication facility’s, large-scale data centers, . . ., etc.; assists engineering disciplines for product, system and facility conceptual planning, system & facility integration, application analysis and/or in situ remediation.  Lectures are supported with graphics, computer modeling demonstrations and/or practicum, as applicable.


Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Professional Development Hours (PDH) are offered to all participating attendees registering for same.  CEU (0.1) and PDH (1.0) credits are awarded per class attendance hour.  Lecture content may be contracted to fit a Lunch-and-Learn time frame.


Sample EPG Lecture Syllabus:

Sample EPG Lecture Slides:

Sample EPG CEU | PDH Certificate Award:


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