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Portable Sound Barrier


More than 30% of the population are regularly exposed to noise that
impacts negatively on their health.

...by using Echo Barriers, you will assist in reducing
the effect noise has on individuals!


Superior Acoustic Performance

Industrial Durability

Weather Resistant

Lightweight / Easy to Handle

No Fiberglass or Rockwool Used

Exceptionally Durable Accessories

Ability to Double and Triple Layer

Unique Roll-Up Design

Compact Storage & Transport

Space for Branding or Advertising

Night Time Safety Features


Ease of Use & Handling

As the saying goes ‘Time is Money’… and the Echo Barriers are designed with that specifically in mind.

Conventional barriers are heavy, cumbersome and require two people to handle and install.

Echo Barrier Features:

Only 13lbs in Weight

Sturdy Purpose Design Hooks

1 person can do the job of 2 to 3 people

Install 3 x faster then conventional barriers

Unique Roll Up Design / Easy Transport

Stored Flat or Rolled Up

Purpose made installation kit


Field Performance

Echo Barriers have been carefully designed to provide a uniquely high level of technical performance. The Echo Barrier can provide the same performance as barriers/blankets that are twice the weight.

Field Performance Results:

Reduces Noise Radiated Off Site

Reduce Complaints & Improves Image

Better Work Environment / Lessens Occupational Noise Exposure

Increases Work Hours.


15 db(A) reduction from rock drill


The Echo Barriers are extremely durable and completely waterproof. Heavy PVC and mesh exterior makes them construction site rugged. Will not degrade and lose performance capabilities.

Conventional barriers or quilted ‘blankets’ easily puncture, absorb water and degrade. They become heavy, cumbersome and time consuming to handle. Transport is messy and mildew forms in storage. The product becomes ineffective - and an eye-sore.


Professional Appearance

The unprofessional appearance of site fencing/barriers not only project a poor image of a site, but also increase the likelihood of complaints.

Experience has shown that good appearance alone can increase the perceived barrier attenuation by 3 - 5dB…

The Echo Barriers look good… and most importantly… stay looking that way. They reflect the commitment of the user to the well-being of his workforce, the local community and the surrounding environment.


A Positive Appearance

ECHO BARRIERS are designed to present a positive environmental and safety message to reflect the attitude of the user and the site.

ECHO BARRIERS provide an option for clients to print company logos, advertisements, and / or safety messages.



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