Residential Generator

Residential Generator



ResGenSM Acoustic Enclosure
NOISE Out of Small
Power Generators

ResGenSM Acoustic Enclosure, Cost Effective System For Silencing

Residential Size Engine-Generators.


This compact NOISE control system was scientifically designed for residential use, construction industry, recreational and other small power plant applications requiring an aerodynamically silenced air flow.  Typical NOISE reduction is 25-dBA at one-meter (3.28-feet) at full electrical load and maximum air flow! 

Keyed door provides easy access for generator fueling or maintenance and peace of mind security when the unit is unattended.  Hidden anchor points render the ResGenSM Acoustic Enclosure virtually impossible to move without owner permission.

Dual, internal air moving devices provide positive air flow for ventilation, thermodynamic control and generator operating efficiency.  A single electrical cord plugs into host generator for power and conservation of available electrical outlets.  Air intake and discharge ducts have been acoustically silenced and aerodynamically sized for maximum cooling flow. 

Each ResGenSM Acoustic Enclosure may be set on lawn, bare earth, concrete pad or optional floor base module.  To realize maximum acoustic performance, it is recommended the ResGenSM Acoustic Enclosure be sealed to a concrete pad or similar flat surface.

ResGen Enclosure Provides Generator Security 

Integral Threshold Allows Easy Access 

Electrical wiring may be permanently installed in structural steel tube base or extension cords fed through the air intake ducts for a quick, temporary electrical hook-up.  Ramped threshold on acoustic door affords an easy passage for wheeled generators.  Computer aided design for manufacturing and modular construction results in an affordable answer to generator NOISE control.   Small, modular size allows for installation in boats and on trailers for portability as well as integration into larger vehicles for quiet power where ever you may travel.  Other custom designs are quoted upon request.


Actual Test of 5.5 - KW EnGen Set With ResGenSM On and Off at One (1) Meter


Single Electrical Cord For Cooling System Conserves Generatorís Available Outlets.

ResGen Features May Be Integrated Into Larger Vehicles For Quiet Power Wherever You May Travel.


ResGenSM Dimensions In Inches & [mm]


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