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Just A Sampling of Architectural and Industrial Projects For Which AEC Has Been Privileged To Provide Assistance:


Architectural Acoustics: Commercial, Industrial & Residential Construction

Facade, Party Wall & Ceiling Airborne Sound Isolation – Disney’s Grand Floridian

Structural Vibration & Acoustic Analysis: JFK International Terminal

FDA, USDA, NSF, GMP/CMP & Clean Room Acoustics: HVAC & Reverberation

Impact Isolation Testing: Floor/Ceiling Construction New & Remediation

Conference Rooms: Sound Isolation, Speech Articulation & Reverberation

Test Facilities: Wind Tunnel, Jet Cell, Hydro-Space & Anechoic Chamber

Very Large Architectural Volume Buildings: Strategic Reverberation Control

Vibration: Dynamic Transfer Function Analysis & Seismic Measurements

Infrasound (Low Frequency) Explosion / Burst: Analysis, Design, Test & Prediction


AEC has been providing acoustic / vibration services for analysis, diagnostics, design and certification for over 40 years. Let a qualified AEC engineer assist you to establish a cost effective protocol. Let our 40 years of experience with NOISE make your job easier.


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